Maintenance of 8 common problems of Loaders

1, one block, reverse gear normal, two block no driving force

First check the steer loader (skid) is in place, if not in place should be re adjusted. Then check the variable pressure gauge in the two block position whether the buck, if the buck, you must check the transmission of the 8 – shaped end cover of the periphery of the pressure oil outflow, if there is leakage phenomenon, you can tighten the bolt around. The above method still can not eliminate the faults, we must put the figure 8 cover removed, replace the O-ring and paper pad. At this point, if there is no pressure oil spill, it is proved that the two gear box has a problem, you must remove the two components. First check the oil seal outside the two block is damaged, and then break the two block component, remove the piston, check the piston ring, oil seal ring and the friction piece is damaged. Finally check the guide pin in the two block cylinder is off, if the guide pin off, the two block of the pressure oil from here a large number of outflow, resulting in two block pressure to reduce and can not travel. For the reasons for the buck, replace the seal or repair, change parts.

2, variable speed pressure, boom, bucket and steering are normal, but the loader is still unable to move forward and backward

First check the transmission box is short of oil and oil into the pipeline is blocked, and then check the transmission oil sump (motor electrical) and torque converter filter. If it is found that the metal fragments and other objects, it can be sure the gear box clutch parts were damaged in the Da Chao. If it is found that there are aluminum chips in the gearbox oil pan and the converter filter, it can be sure that the parts of the converter can be damaged. At this time, we must remove the transmission and torque converter, to repair and replace the damaged parts. Excluding the above reasons, cars are still unable to walk, we can determine the is the gearbox. Second gear component around the bolt is cut off,

Safety operation rules for loader

Construction, the loader should be more safe operation, the following is a detailed introduction to the. Loader safety operation can be divided into the following five steps.

Check under the first machine

1, succession, the driver must according to the provisions and requirements of strict carefully check the equipment, such as the discovery of anomaly and the problem should be promptly report, and make a record.

2, check railings, ladders, support plate, a protective cover and the external surface of the device shell with and without deformation, cracks, welding and collision, a lamp and a frame is intact.

3, check the various parts of the pin and sleeve, screw loosening, wear, channeling, damage and loss. Two pin four pin and the bucket rod bucket arm is short of oil.

4, check the tire without cut and crack, pressure is normal, tire pressure ring and a pressure ring lock is normal, cover tyre fixing screw and the end whether the loosening of screws, inflatable valve cap is lost.

5, check the bucket without open welding, wear braces, iron etc. are complete, whether serious wear.

6, check the front and rear differential, final drive, wheel brake, hydraulic system, gear box, after the cooling device and the various parts of the pipe, water pipe leakage phenomenon.

7, the hydraulic oil and the table to check the hydraulic pump drive lubrication oil.

8, check the pressure gauge, such as pressure is less than 90Psi can not start the engine.

Second checks on the machine

1, check the steering and brake hydraulic oil level and brake cooling hydraulic oil surface and oil (oil quality is judged by the naked eye observation, mainly to see the color, if black, oily, need to be replaced).

2, check the engine lubrication system, cooling system and the body with no leakage phenomenon.

3, check whether the dust of the engine filter.

4, check the roll cage with open welding, crack and screw loosening.

5, check the transmission oil level and oil.

6, check the car mirror, window glass with no damage.

Safe operation rules for normal loader

Safety responsibility is weightier than Mount Tai, take a look at the formal company loading machine safety operation specification, using our own have to learn a lesson, safety first!

1, all the departments of the post industry and trade must be after pre tertiary (Department of quality and technology, cement division, section) security, fire training and pass the examination before induction.

2, fork lift truck driver must undergo professional training in operation, structure, performance and work principle of the familiar loader, after passing the examination, certificate holder can be operation of loader.

3, vehicle in the factory when walking, top speed shall not exceed 10 kilometers per hour; may not be speeding fraud overbearing; on other vehicles to avoid each other safely through.

4, vehicle at run time, in addition to loading machine driving indoor dynamic between the arm and the front frame, bucket, a machine cover and any other parts shall be allowed to ride.

5, is strictly prohibited drink posts, or the vehicle to the driver’s driving.

6, vehicle at the operation site must pay attention to the safety of the rest of the field staff, safety equipment, forward and backward must look around through the vehicles and pedestrians; and keep a safe distance and the loading and unloading the vehicle.

7, the drivers in each position to discharge industry and trade with the good, when feeding to honk and off to see the grate on whether someone to confirm no feeding.

8, all drivers must always pay attention to safety awareness, in the implementation of a variety of tasks, the task of the drivers of unsafe factors have the right to refuse to do and to reflect the higher.

9, the use of a vehicle, the driver must carefully check the oil level and water cooling and the mechanical connection parts; often check and tighten all screws and nuts; prevent vehicle early wear and damage. To deal with the accident in the bud.

10, the loader bucket should be driving, to maintain position.

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